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Content Connection Kit

I have done Drupal development for 12 years. Most of my work was with modules development using CCK and Views. So I created a php framework that works similarly. It's in beta stage but it is already the best choice for small businesses and NGOs will make under content types.

Somethings are different from Drupal because I do not like the limitations of the Drupal system. Content types, fields and containers are independant of each other so deleting one does not effect the others. When a field or container is deleted the user has the choice to keep or delete the data also. You can also change form field types at anytime, change a text field to a textarea or hidden without deleting the field and the data first. The form fields available are all HTML5. Development is done in PHP 5.+ and will move to PHP7 after the first public beta.

Content Connection Kit is not a CMS or Micro framework but something in between. There is not and will not be a list of user features like blogs, forum blah. Although I will use a microblog and portfolio as examples of how and what can be built the system. The concentration is on building of the website via content types menus, hooks and modules (Namespaced OOP class files). There is absolutly no javascript being used nor will there ever be. There is no nor will there evr be PSR compliance because it places restrictions on flexibility. To get all the fiffy stuff from js you have to do it yourself. The starter theme is responsive made from skeleton.css

This Website development kit is for developers and site builders that want to have the heavy lifting done and get on to customization from minute one.


  • content types

  • forms and fields API

  • PHP templating system

  • HTML 5 ready

  • out of the box micro blog

  • out the box image portfolio

  • module plugin system

  • MVC architecture

  • object oriented design


  • PHP 5.6 +

  • Apache 2.0 +

  • SQlite3 library 3.6+

  • A web browser with HTML 5 support


  • make _files directory writable

  • make _db directory containing SQLite DB writable

  • make _conguration directory and writable

  • set base url in e.g.

  • configure settings in manually or login use administration form

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