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Web Application Framework

A web application framework is a type of framework, or foundation, specifically designed to help developers build web applications. These frameworks typically provide core functionality common to most web applications, such as user session management, data persistence, and templating systems....

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Content Connection Kit

I have done Drupal development for 12 years. Most of my work was with modules development using CCK and Views. So I created a php framework that works similarly. It's in beta stage but it is already the best choice...

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MicroPHP Manifesto

I am a PHP developer
I am not a Zend Framework or Symfony or CakePHP developer
I think PHP is complicated enough

I like building small things

I like building small things with simple purposes
I like to make things...

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CCK microblog example

A type of blog that lets users publish short text updates. Bloggers can usually use a number of service for the updates including instant messaging, e-mail, or Twitter. The posts are called microposts, while the act of using these services...

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What is Model View Controller?

MVC is the idea that you have three different pieces that work in unison to form a complex application. A car is a good real-world example of MVC. With a car you have two views: the interior and the exterior....

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Developer and Designer friendly

Clean understandable MVC architecture with nothing hidden. Licensing that  allows you to run your own business providing  software packages and services without being forced to give up your intellectual property for modules and extensions

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